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Those Famous Ferrographs' -2

A further selection of stills featuring some classic machines..............

This Vortexion (featuring a series 6 Wearite Deck) was featured in a classic 1960s episode of "Dept S"

My thanks to George Pollen for submitting the above images


 Another Vortexion featured this time in an episode of ITV's Miss Marple. These two stills were taken from the episode entitled "The Citaford Mystery". Can you spot the silly mistakes ? Yep the props dept got this one totally wrong.  Look carefully and you can just make out a Grundig microphone plugged in the totally wrong place. In fact this is where the bias switch should be. This machine was actually being used like this! The Grundig microphone also required a HT polarising voltage and they were designed to be used only with  Grundig machines of the period which had the necessary outlet.

The 3 stills above were taken from an episode of the "Tomorrow People" Entitled The Dirtiest Business - It was originally transmitted in  Feb 1977. The Secret Intelligence Service invade the TP lab looking for a Russian telepath, who
has escaped the clutches of The KGB. This episode marked the start of the 5th series. This episode centers around a BBC studio setup. Now can anybody identify the amplifiers featured underneath the Series 3 Wearite decks ? They do not appear to be  Ferrograph  manufactured. The rack mount cabinets appear to be correct.

Ferrograph Series 2 Quatermass

1959 original BBC TV production of Quatermass and the Pit -
a brief view of a Series 3, at the site where the Martian craft is being unearthed...

Sorry, for the life of me I cannot remember who submitted this one........

These are the damned

These images are lifted from a little known and rarely shown film called "These are the Damned", dating from 1963.  It is the story of a group of children exposed to radiation in order to prepare them for the day that nuclear war destroys all living things. The children are kept hidden in an underground cave with the bank of Vortexion tape recorders used as part of the library bank of material that they can listen to as part of their tuition. The film includes stars such as Oliver Reed, Macdonald Carey and Shirley Anne Field. The film courted controversy in its day and its release was delayed in the UK and US with various cuts also being made. In the early 1960s,many considered a nuclear war inevitable, especially since the Cuban Missile Crisis was at its height.