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Ferrograph and Wearite Spares


Are you looking for a spare part for your tape recorder. Well, I often get asked if I might be able to help. Over the years a large collection of parts has been amassed, some of which are surplus to immediate requirements. I can also supply original Mullard valves such as EL84, ECC83 and EF86s for the earlier Series machines. Please email with your requirements and for prices, here. In fact I have been able to supply some real oddball parts over the years for these decks because I never throw anything away!

If you are carrying out your own restoration work I can also supply such things as HT Smoothing Capacitors and coupling/decoupling capacitors of the values called for in Ferrograph tape recorders.

Replacement Ferrograph Idlers and pinch wheels are being supplied by David Durrant who can be contacted here. I have used several of David's pinch wheels in a number of my clients repairs and in my own recorders. They are competitively priced, well engineered and come highly recommended.


Ferrograph parts

Ferrograph original headbox covers and knobs are available for the various Series of machines that were produced over the years.

Ferrograph Magnetic Head

Ferrograph heads. I currently have a surplus of good, used Mono types at the moment for the valve based Series of machines. I occasionally have other types to hand.

Bulgin plug and socket largeBulgin Plug and Socket Small

Both types of Bulgin plugs can be supplied. The larger types are the correct ones to replace those fitted on Series 2-6 machines. The smaller type was fitted on the later Series 7 models. A complete made up lead can be supplied or I can supply you just the plug on its own if you prefer to make up your own.


Ferrograph Badge

I can even supply Ferrograph badges!